The Wilkins Ice Shelf

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The disintegration of the Wilkins ice sheet, the largest on the Antarctic Peninsula to be threatened, is more evidence of rapid climate change on the continent, they claimed.

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He added: "Climate warming has pushed the limit of viability for ice shelves further south – setting some of them that used to be stable on a course of retreat. The Wilkins breakout won\’t have any effect on sea level because it is floating already but it is another indication of the impact of that climate change."

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8 thoughts on “The Wilkins Ice Shelf”

  1. Looks like the VIs are dropping the term Global Warming altogether.

    Must be because the globe ain’t warming.

  2. antiC…..what planet are you on? Globe ain’t warming…are you nuts??….according to GISS, MUA and Had crut3 2007 was hottest ever recorded year.


    The sea will have risen 5 meters and the nutcases will still be saying Global warming ain’t happening…hilarious.


    I would say it is not a measure of geekness, it is a measure of not having one’s head up one’s arse.

  3. 4 Billion

    No it wasn’t, 1938 was. And the Thirties were the hottest decade.

    Check on the location of your own head. Cognitive bias I believe it’s called, and you’re suffering from it.

  4. Is it “the largest on the Antarctic Peninsula” or is it floating? Would they care to make their sodding minds up?

  5. dc you really should check before you post fact is

    An analysis of NASA satellite data from 1979-1999 has shown that areas of Antarctica where ice is increasing outnumbers areas of decreasing ice roughly 2:1.[2]. This was significant because there is a large amount of ice in the area and climate models predicting global warming also predict that some of the most severe events from warming should occur in Antarctica. The general trend shows that a warming climate in the southern hemisphere would transport more moisture to Antarctica causing the interior ice sheets to grow, while calving events along the coast will increase, causing these areas to shrink[1]. More recent satellite data suggests that the total amount of ice in Antarctica has begun decreasing in the past few years[3].

    It is a common misconception that the melting of floating ice shelves will not raise sea levels. Because ice shelves are made of fresh water, they will be less dense, i.e, have greater volume than sea water even when melted. The volume of the (melted) water contained in the ice shelf is about 3% greater than the volume of the sea water needed to displace the ice shelf. So as it melts that additional 3% will increase sea level slightly.[4]

  6. LOL… you even know what GISS,
    MUA, HAD crut3 are??

    I think you will find you are talking about America, whereas I am talking about the Globe..though I realise Americans think America is the Globe.



    I suggest you do some googling to find out what an ice shelf is …it tend’s to make you look a bit stupid….when you obviously don’t know what a ice shelf is…and you accuse others of stupidity…hilarious.


    The main significance of the ongoing collapse of the Wilkins is that it is further evidence of destabilisation of the WAIS. When the WAIS collapses the sea level rises by 5 meters.

  7. ps Recusant…try google a ‘global annual temperature graph’ that shows the 1930’s were warmer than now….when you find one…let me

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