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9 out of 10 new jobs taken by foreigners? Nonsense. Plus mixing 1066 And All That with economics.

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  1. Just because 23m jobs have been created in the last ten years (possibly more – a university study found 2.7m private-sector jobs created in 2006 and 2.6m lost) it does not necessarily follow that “the vast majority of all jobs in the UK have in fact been created in the past decade”. They could be the same jobs each year that get created and destroyed.

  2. “His most famous book is called The Wealth of Nations, of which every literate person has heard. However, no one reads this book any longer: it therefore can be said to have acquired the status of a true classic”

    Not true – I read it last year.

  3. The Daily Telegraph headline was “‘Nine in 10 UK jobs go to foreigners'”. Which takes something that wasn’t really true and makes it even worse.

    Tim, is it right to say – 90% of the jobs created in the economy not taken by the already employed have gone to foreigners. I guess these additional jobs have to go the unemployed or incomers. And to no-one’s surprise economic migrants are far more likely to gain employment than the longterm employed.

    Also what is your opinion of what happens to the economy if a lot of the Poles (and others) go home? The Frank Field suggestion seems to be that our jobless would step in. But that seems unlikely to me.


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