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At the GI.

Manufacturing employment is shrinking, yes, and it\’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Tim,

    Hmm….don’t really agree.

    It’s execllent theory, for sure – but where ARE these people off doing new things whose employment outwith manufacturing is making us richer? Are they earning more or less in real terms (and please don’t try to sell me some idea about how being able to buy more stuff makes us richer -I buy a consumer good once every three years; I’m not getting any richer); and if these people all doing new and exciting things, why do we need such large scale immigration?

    ‘Manufacturing’ now also seems to include the output of the utilities, including water. Perhaps the true extent of manufacturing employment’s decline has been is masked by this widening of the definition of ‘manufacturing’.

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