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I\’m clearly missing something with this education story and, bugger, I\’ve got to find a new analogy.

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  1. Maybe I am missing something here too – I thought they got tax breaks precisely because they are not private businesses, they have charitable status or something.
    If they wanted to treated as private businesses and do not want to jump through hoops to keep their charitable status, then there is a simple answer – they can become private (or public?) companies.

  2. The education story is quite simple — The govt. is spending other people’s money, without the inconvenience of it going through the official tax and spend budget; it’s just a new off-balance-sheet wheeze.

  3. Had the government been genuine about independent schools earning their charitable status, instead of withdrawing the assisted places scheme they would, instead, have simply reduced the payments to the amount it would cost to educate the child in the state sector and required the independent schools to justify their status by paying the rest. I suspect that many independent schools would have been happy with this.

    By insisting that independent schools pay the entire cost of educating poorer children, the government is just trying to get independent schools to save it money and to reduce the number of children who will benefit. Saving the government money is surely not a valid charitable aim.

  4. You don’t need to change the analogy, just because someone is /that fucking stupid/.

    This idiot will realise in about a years time that his 100s of hours of work and usage of his entire garden for a year, thousands of pounds expenditure for a small windmill etc, has produced one small bap.

  5. I, read somewhere that all of our strong flour (from which bread is baked), is imported from Canada and the US. Something about quality and yields I think.

  6. The assisted places scheme stopped helping the people it was intended to assist.

    As a Government scheme it was based on means testing. It stopped helping the poor and helped those with good accountants instead.

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