Timmy Elsewhere

At The Business.

Flouridating the water supply and banning plastic bags.

7 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Flouridation (sic)? What was that about sub-editors? Does The Business not have them? You spell it wrongly three times, despite the passage you quote spelling it correctly.

    Sin, stone again. I’ll start charging for this soon.

  2. “the existence of human life itself harms the environment”

    Speak for yourself my environment is greatly improved by my existence. Humans are just as much part of the “environment” as cute polar bears cubs.

  3. flouridate |ˈflʊərɪdeɪt| |ˈflɔː-|
    verb [ trans. ]
    add traces of elaborate or literary words and phrases to (something, esp. a blog posting) : [as adj. ] ( flouridate) flouridated posting about fluoride in toothpaste.

  4. Perhaps Timmy, you were alluding to the benefits of tipping flour into the reservoirs. I have often thought of it meself you know. Every time I embark on a baking day, my family wish they had thrown my self-raising into the river, and me with it.

  5. As for the plastic carrier bags. We use them first for their intended purpose. Then we hoard them and use them for double wrapping noxious rubbish, like the carcase of the Xmas turkey. And we also use them as bin-liners.
    We have to ensure such things are well wrapped, because the enviro-wackos have determined that the bins only get emptied once a fortnight.
    Oh, and my local market, and charity shops, all supply second hand carrier bags to their customers.
    But an old friend of mine had the ultimate use for carrier bags. He lived in such a rough area, that he would have been beaten up by local thugs if they had ever seen him carrying his briefcase. So he used to hide it inside a Marks and Sparks carrier bag before getting off the bus.

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