Timmy Elsewhere

At the GI.

A bit odd to post there on a Sunday evening but a bloke called Tony Makara over at Conservative Home seems to have some very odd ideas indeed.

Very odd, almost Bennite early 1970s vintage.

5 thoughts on “Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. I do wish that those who attack trade liberalisation showed at least some sign, however slight, that they actually understand Ricardo’s principle of comparative advantage – even if they go on to rubbish it citing specific reasons.

  2. Damn,

    Just been reading the comments there, and was about to post a devastating, witty and definitive riposte to his objections to Tim’s and Alex Singleton’s arguments.

    Bloody editor has closed off comments.


  3. I’m pretty sure that Makara cove has form in this area. Name certainly rings a bell.

    That people are, in all seriousness, advocating autarky in the 21st Century, and from a nominally conservative standpoint, is worrying to say the least.

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