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Dissing the Soil Association and the excellent success of the German renewables industry.

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  1. “And thus, if airfreighted food is to be denied such certification, we will have the domestic producers protecting themselves, through the law, against foreign competitors.”

    Yeah, that’s not called a “trade union”, that’s called a “guild.” We bashed most of them on the head in the 17th an 18th Centuries. Only a few survive today to wreak havoc on free markets (in Canada recently the guild of engineers sued to make “software engineering” an engineering discipline and thus force programmers to join their guild in order to continue working).

  2. With complete support from the government, guilds are still alive and well in Germany, of course.
    This is why one has to pay an absurd about to the Chimney Sweep “Meister” once a year so he can check one’s chimney for dangerous suet buildup (except that gas furnaces are not apt to put out much suet) and is the reason why one cannot shop around for a better price.

    As for the massively subsidized wind energy sector, who was it that said windmills for power were like welding a bicycle on the side of your car?

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