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If there were indeed legions of non-smokers desperate to go to pubs, then why are so many pubs going bust?

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  1. “why are so many pubs going bust?”

    I, a non-smoker who goes to the pub now that my throat isn’t made raw by the smoke, was talking to the landlord who was complaining bitterly about rising prices, both from the brewery and the Government in taxes. He said he’s going to have to put the price of a pint up to above £3 from next week.

    I offered to print him out a Darling Banned poster. He enthusiastically accepted my offer.

  2. “why are so many pubs going bust?”

    It’s the result of competition and overcapacity, especially with so many high-street restaurants getting licences to sell alcoholic drinks with meals?

    I can see several local high streets packed with amazing numbers of pubs, pizzaries, opticians, pharmacies and estate agents. How come?

  3. While I can’t say those things don’t affect the business of running a pub, they probably do – I can guarantee that stopping >20% of the population from doing something they are addicted to, and particularly enjoy doing together with drinking DOES have an effect on numbers in pubs. I go in pubs a lot less, and the same goes for pretty much every smoker I know.

    Kay Tie, have you noticed what pubs smell of now? BO. Nice!


  4. And how many of the pubs that close will re-open under new management? Happened in this area – the local pub closed within two months of the smoking ban. And re-opened three months after that. Pubs have survived numerous changes – they’ll survive this.
    I’d still bar Darling anyway, for being a complacent and incompetent git.

  5. I’ve got this great idea. Can’t fail to make money.

    You see, it’s like this.

    We invent this place called the Libertarian Arms. We sell beer, gin, tomato juice, cocktails, stuff like that. And we buy a piano, so folk can play it, and gather round and sing. And we put it in a room called the Lounge. And we make it non-smoking. And we serve pub meals, like bacon butties and steak & kidney pie. There are French windows leading into the garden and a bouncy castle. Children welcome, no dogs allowed.

    And in the other room, (we could call that the Snug), we sell the same drinks, butties, crisps and stuff, but allow folk to smoke. And that is where we have the roaring log fire in the winter time. Dogs welcome.

    And the big idea is this: let people work, eat, drink, and play, in an environment of their own choosing. If you don’t like smoke, go work or drink in the other room, or elsewhere.

    Of course, this would be illegal. It is precisely what we used to have, until the hospitality sector was turned into somebody’s workplace, in which we customers are barely tolerated. And that is why the licensed trade is going under.

    Those non-smokers who pretended they would all become avid regulars as soon as the existing clientelle were turfed out, do have some explaining to do. Just as the old smokers who wouldn’t observe the demarcation.
    But I’m sick of hearing how the smokers’ departure has spoiled the ambience for the bansturbation brigade. You got what you wanted, the whole pub to yourself.

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