Town Hall Fat Cats

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Over 800 town hall employees make more than £100,000 a year. Some even make more than Polly, if you can believe that.

1 thought on “Town Hall Fat Cats”

  1. I have a much better idea for setting their pay. On the basis that nationa and local goverenement is a necessary evil and we do need competent people:

    I have a much better idea that will demonstrate how much they are really worth. Every 5 years anyone earning more than, say, 1.5x the median salary, should be given 3 months to find a job in in the private sector. They can either accept the job or have their salary set at the level of that job offer. If the don’t get an offer they should be paid 1.5x the median salary and take a 10% cut every year until they can either get a job offer and get their salaries set to the new offer or to the minimum wage.

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