Bear Sterns

Millions of British households face soaring mortgage rates and tumbling house prices after the global financial crisis triggered the near-collapse of one of the world\’s biggest banks.


MPs are demanding large pay rises to compensate for having their much-criticised system of perks and allowances scrapped, it emerged last night.

Put that way it ain\’t gonna happen, is it?

One thing that does amuse: why, when the discussion is held about what pay MPs should get, does everyone assume that it should be what, or more than, they get now? Why is a pay cut never being discussed?

They are, after all, since they passed the Lisbon Treaty, simply a provinciail council, are they not?

2 thoughts on “Two Stories”

  1. Aw, give them a pay rise – but make it conditional on publishing a full yearly account, in the national paper of their choice and on the internet, of where every single penny they and their families have spent has gone. No exceptions. After that, any pay rise greater than the annual rate of inflation should be subject to the same rules. If they don’t like it, there are plenty of other jobs out there…

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