Umm, Depleted Uranium is, Umm, Depleted, You Know?

Via, we get this.

Absolutely stunning stuff.

Now if 64 kg of uranium can poison seventy thousand people. How many people will two thousand tons kill? The numbers are staggering, that’s more than twenty eight thousand Hiroshima’s. Forty percent of the Gulf War veterans are on “Gulf War Syndrome” disability from uranium poisoning. Seventy Three thousand of them have already died.

Every time that U.S troops (and “coalition soldiers) fires depleted uranium against “enemy targets” in Iraq, they are also being exposed to radiation poisoning that is much more intense than the radioactive by-products associated with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima to end World War II in the Pacific.


Depleted uranium is depleted, twit.

10 thoughts on “Umm, Depleted Uranium is, Umm, Depleted, You Know?”

  1. It’s not completely depleted: it contains three times less U235 than natural Uranium.

    If you get bits of the stuff into your lungs it can significantly raise the chances of cancer (indeed miners of Uranium suffer from markedly higher rates of lung cancer).

    Normally, it’s not a problem since if you’re anywhere there’s little molten droplets of it in the air, the least of your problems are long-term cancer risks..

  2. it contains three times less U235 than natural Uranium.

    Does “three times less” mean the same as “one third as much”?

    Just asking.

  3. “Depleted” means exactly what it says. The mass of uranium metal concerned is depleted, on purpose, of other, faster-decaying uranium nuclides – which are useful for all sorts of things (not bombs, for which we use U-235, whose half-life is about 22 billion years as opposed tot he 4.5 billion of U-238 the most common.)

    The 2 kg or so (I think) of U-235 in the “Hiroshima Bomb” (I’m not sure whether anti-Americans really know what that means any more, so consumed are they with hate for that post-British-Imperial Santa Claus of the planet) comprised part of a mass which we would describe as “enriched” – that is to say, there was a sufficient mass of U-235 for it, if placed in a small space very suddenly by small explosive charges inside the bomb, to initiate an un-moderated chain fission reaction. By which we (and they) mean “go off”.

    I possess a small piece of depleted Uranium which I sometimes wave in physics lessons. It is an alpha-emitter, which means the radiated particles do not penetrate human skin. It is also sufficiently small that its gamma-ray flux does not much exceed the background level.

    Needless to say, I don’t let anyone swallow the item….

    The word Uranium is bandied about in British school science lessons (now able to be taught by non-scientists, under the new post-2006 “national” “Curriculum” dispensation and syllabus changes) and is synonymous for…

    “really really scary stuff done by people called “scientists” and which “could” harm people and the planet”…

  4. Indeed, the Bateman cartoon in which we see

    …the man who said “Uranium” at a dinner table…

    would be almost as funny as

    …the man who said “GUNS” in a classroom…

  5. Yeah, whatever. Have you all looked at the references to the “911 truth” movement in that posting on “Whitewatch”, or at any of the other articles (most of them accounts of sexual deviance by white people) ar at the mission statement: “Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molesters, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers.”

    Let’s discuss how depleted DU is when someone on the Internet who isn’t totally insane writes about it.

  6. He doesn’t even follow the golden rule of lying, namely only lie about things you can’t get caught out over. The notion that more than 70 000 dead troops are sequestered away somewhere, without any outcry from their families, is indicative of a bloke who even lies to himself.

  7. David Davis: half-life of U235 is 700 million years. Little Boy contained about 64kg of U235, of which about 700g underwent fission (gun-type bombs are easy to make, but dreadfully inefficient, and you can’t use plutonium, because the Pu240 contaminant blows the fissile mass apart before a true chain reaction can occur.)

    Depleted uranium is to all intents and purposes pure U238. A Curie of U238 is about 3 tons (t1/2 = 4.46 Gy = 1.41 10^17 secs, specific activity λ = ln(2)/t1/2 = 4.92 10^-18/s = 2.96 10^6/mole second. Curie = 3.7 10^10/s so one Curie U238 = 12498 mole = 0.238 kg/mol × 12498 = 2975 kg). By comparison, the Chernobyl disaster released in the region of 100 megacuries. To date, other than the prompt fatalities among workers and rescuers, it has been hard to detect a signal due to Chernobyl in cancer mortality in Europe.

    The whole ranting screed appears to have been written by a liberal arts graduate Spart with schizophrenia. It ranks as probably the most stupid thing I have seen on the net this year.

  8. No way are they going to publish my comment, but this was what I posted:

    “I hardly know where to start in criticising a screed of such spectacular stupidity. It is reminiscent of Mary McCarthy’s comment on Lillian Hellman: “every word she wrote was a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the’.” I appreciate that given your belief in 9/11 being a Jewish conspiracy, you have placed yourself far, far beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse, but even in your risible fairyland there is a huge difference between Uranium 235 (bomb stuff) and Uranium 238 (not bomb stuff). Obviously the childish outlook on life that one is equipped with via the acquisition of a non-scientific degree lays oneself open to this sort of nonsense, but I hardly feel it necessary to flaunt it. Parading your lack-wittedness does no-one any good.”

  9. Ah yes, the simple (but not so open) minded little souls posted my comment as “I believe white people can do NO wrong, hence I am irrelevant. We have the right to play victim while using nukes on anyone.”

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