Umm, Gordo?

Gordon Brown re-launched a joint proposal with French President Nicolas Sarkozy for reduced VAT rates on eco-friendly appliances but it failed to gain widespread support at the leaders’ spring council meeting in Brussels.

There\’s a much simpler solution. One you can do on your own (for you can raise VAT rates as you like, it\’s only cutting hem you must have permission for).

Raise the current 7.5% VAT rate for domestic fuel and power consumption to the full 17.5% rate.

After all, if the aim is to cut consumption, which it is, this would be a good green tax, wouldn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Umm, Gordo?”

  1. But it was Gordon Brown, as Chancellor, who cut the VAT on household energy supplies in the first place – after a long campaign by New Labour when in opposition. Raising the VAT on household energy supplies now would make it look as though New Labour didn’t know what it was doing, wouldn’t it?

    I also recall that New Labour also campaigned in opposition to extend pub opening hours and Darling has just raised the excise duties on beer, wines and spirits because of the consequences.

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