Well, Yes.

Mrs Clinton has repeatedly hinted that Mr Obama could join her on her ticket as a way of ending the current impasse over the nomination.

But if you really wanted to end the impasse as your first and most important aim you would volunteer to run for VP yourself, wouldn\’t you?

That you\’re not tells us something about your offer.

7 thoughts on “Well, Yes.”

  1. I think Anatole Kaletsky assesses it correctly:

    “After Tuesday’s Ohio and Texas primaries, Barack Obama remains the firm favourite to win the Democratic nomination. But Hillary Clinton now seems more likely than Mr Obama to become the next president of the United States.”

    If Hillary Clinton runs as VP candidate on the Democrat ticket and Obama as the Presidential candidate fails to beat McCain then she will get the blame.

    The better option for her is to leave Obama to make the running as the Presidential candidate and continue to seek re-election as the Senator for New York until the next Presidential election in four years time.

    Turnout in American presidential elections is usually low – 50% counts as a high turnout. The electorate includes a swathe of independent and swing voters who are significantly under-represented in the primary elections and caucases. The fundamental question is whether the independents and swing voters will vote for Obama who has only been in the Senate for two years. Let’s be clear about this, the Republicans want Obama to get the nomination rather than Hillary Cinton – try this memo from Karl Rove in the Financial Times last December:

  2. “To offer the leader in a contest the second prize is nothing short of hilarious.”

    He’s not the leader though, is he..? He merely has the popular vote.

    Since the contest will be decided by the super delegates, this isn’t so much a race as a boxing match. The Hildebeest may still be declared the winner on a technicality.

  3. “He’s not the leader though, is he..? He merely has the popular vote.”

    He’s the leader on state pledged delegates, which isn’t quite the same as being leader in the popular vote. In Nevada, for example, he got less overall votes than Clinton, but got more delegates, because her vote was concentrated, while his was spread out and delegates were awarded at distrcit level. That is not to say that he doesn’t have the edge in the popular vote, but that the popular vote win is only trumpeted by those who win it in a state, but don’t get more delegates.

  4. “….a Clinton/Obama ticket would work as well as Itchy/Scratchy.”

    Blood, suffering and immense fun for everyone watching…?

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