Well, Yes

An American man accidentally shot dead his wife while trying to install satellite TV in their bedroom.

Ronald Long of Missouri did not own a drill, so he used his .22 calibre handgun to fire two shots into the wall of the room so that he could run a cable through from outside.

Mr Long\’s wife Patsy was standing outside the house when he fired the gun. She was hit by the second bullet and later died from her injuries in hospital.

No comment.

6 thoughts on “Well, Yes”

  1. This is not the first time someone has been killed because of using the wrong tool for the job. And probably not the first time a firearm has been the wrong tool.

  2. There are lots of good reasons why North American houses are built the way they are. However it has occurred to me, during deer hunting season, that a high powered rifle bullet would go right through one wall of my house and out the other, without even slowing down.

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