Yes, It\’s Cheltenham Week

And the horsey metaphors are all over the place. Congratulations to Jeff Randall for managing to write an entire piece about Darling and his problems using just such.

As Imperial College\’s Professor Nick Bosanquet concludes in a report for Reform, the independent think tank, "the fiscal consequences of [Brown\’s] spending and the absence of [public sector] reform leaves the UK much worse placed to face the challenges of the coming years… much of the spending has resulted in doing the same thing at a higher cost".

That\’s one of the very few paragraphs which doesn\’t use such….and also perhaps the most descriptive of exactly where Gordon Brown did go wrong.

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  1. Pity he didn’t write his piece after 8.30 this morning because then he could talk about “financial storms” shutting down the entire race track.

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