Yes, This is Your Money They\’re Spending

Dr. Rant:

it turns out that it didn\’t occur to the DoH boffins that hospitals might need to replace some of the doctors part way through the year.

Yes, incredibly the Big Brains failed to consider that some doctors get sick, get pregnant, or (if they have any sense) emigrate and that they do this throughout the year. Under the New MMC system, these doctors can\’t be replaced until the next round of madness up to a year later.

My brain hurts. Can we hang them all, please?

4 thoughts on “Yes, This is Your Money They\’re Spending”

  1. To the socialist, there are no such things as individuals: we are all equal, therefore we are all the same, therefore we are all interchangeable spare parts, therefore when one part fails you just swap it with another one. And send the broken part for repair. To a labour camp.

  2. Better yet, to their local NHS hospital so they can do the cleaning and get in touch with their inner working man.

  3. “Ivan Denisovich Shukhov has been sent to work in a hospital in the New Labour NHS, accused of becoming a civil service blogger after being hounded by the media. He is innocent, but is nonetheless punished by the government for being a blogger. His sentence is for ten years, but the book indicates that most people never leave the NHS. The final paragraph suggests that Shukhov works for exactly ten years—no more and no less—but whether this is merely Shukhov’s hope is left for the reader to decide.”

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