Your Tax Money At Work

Yes, yes, I know, mistakes will be made and in the grand scheme of things of course, it\’s a pittance.

Prisoners have been paid student grants and loans totalling £730,000 while taking university courses in jail, the Government admitted yesterday.

The figure is almost three times higher than MPs were told last month.

More than a hundred inmates exploited a loophole for a decade to get loans and maintenance grants even though they were already being housed and fed at taxpayers’ expense.

But it does make you wonder quite how much of our money is being pissed away on such nonsenses, doesn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Your Tax Money At Work”

  1. What’s the fuss about? The idea the prisoners are getting educated? That they are allowed to borrow money to pay for the education?

    Tim adds: It’s the maintenance grants I think.

  2. Indeed. They don’t have to pay tuition fees since they’ve got no income, so loans and grants are exclusively for maintenance. Which they also don’t need to pay for.

    OTOH, I suppose it makes them less likely to nick stuff when they get out…

  3. We should release those enterprising prisoners and get them into jobs where they can use their skills to generate (legitimate) wealth for UK PLC.

    And we should replace them in jail with the numpties who paid the money.

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