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Complains at CiF:

Gordon Brown should give the Welsh their bank holiday in 2009, not least to make up for the biased BBC coverage of the Six Nations. As Chris Bryant, the Rhondda Labour MP, told the Western Mail last week: "It\’s the British Broadcasting Corporation not the English Broadcasting Corporation."

Bryant was complaining about the coverage last month where the BBC\’s focus was almost entirely on England\’s win against France. The latter was televised but the Scotland and Wales games were confined to Five Live.

In the comments:

Guardian Guide Saturday 23 Feb 2008 page 56, BBC1:

2pm Live Six Nations Rugby Union Wales v Italy

4.50pm Live Six Nations Rugby Union Ireland v Scotland

7.50pm – Live Six Nations Rugby Union France v England

Way to do your research Yvonne:

Yvonne Roberts has been an award winning journalist, writer and
broadcaster in newspapers, radio and television for over 30 years. She writes for the Guardian, Independent on Sunday, Observer, Community Care and the internet magazine, The Frist Post.

Don\’t these people have editors?

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