Ahahaha…Bwahahahahah..Oh, Dear, Gurgle…Ahahaha…

Amanda Marcotte has her first book out.

There\’s been a certain, umm, consternation shall we say, about the accompanying illustrations.



Snigger. Oh Lord, what were they thinking?

Well, here\’s what the publishers say.

Readers will know that I\’m not exactly a fan of Ms. Marcotte\’s work and thinking (yes, this is that famous British understatement) however, her response I do like.

I’m sorry. Plain and simple.

We all screw up at times and when we do complete and abject surrender followed by an apology and a promise to at least attempt not to do it again is the best option. You know. like Mom told us to.

Umm, it might be some time before Amanda gets an approving word from me so make the most of it while you can.

7 thoughts on “Ahahaha…Bwahahahahah..Oh, Dear, Gurgle…Ahahaha…”

  1. “We do not believe it is appropriate for a book about feminism, albeit a book of humor, to have any images or illustrations that are offensive to anyone.


    So, they are going with blank pages in future, then…?

  2. “I, for one, will be ripping the pages out of my copy but keeping them as a reminder to be alert.”


    She’s ripping the pages out…..but keeping them as a reminder…?!?

    Ladies – this is what feminism does to your brain. It ain’t worth it, believe me….

  3. Fundamentalism of any kind comes in the front door – sense of humour immediately leaves out the back.

  4. “I do hope that “The Seal Press” is not institutionally racist…”

    They sure hope so too, if their grovelling apology – no, make that two apologies – is anything to go by:

    “As an organization, we need to look seriously at the effects of white privilege. We will be looking for anti-racist trainings offered here in the Bay Area. We want to incorporate race analysis into our work.

    UPDATE: Please note that, upon reflection, we realize that the second to the last paragraph of this post doesn’t do a good job of conveying our intended meaning. … We apologize that this paragraph undermines our apology. We acknowledge that the images are racist and not okay under any circumstances. We are wholeheartedly sincere in our apology, and the actions we’ve laid out above will be acted upon immediately.”

    I don’t think I’ve seen such a grovelling abasement in order to appease a presumed authority figure since….well, since I last had a dog!

  5. Personally, I quite like the images so I guess I must be a closet racist or something. So naive am I that I thought the problem with the pictures was that the one above seems to have the man lying prone and vulnerable with a large curved phallic object extending upwards from near his waist towards the lunging savage’s hands.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    These people are just beyond parody really.

    I too kind of liked the picture in an old fashioned way. It didn’t occur to me that the objection was racism until I read their grovelling apology. I suppose I can see why the Puritans would get hysterical about it. Can’t say I give a damn though.

    Someone ought to buy the book and make a film – Ms Paltrow would be ideal for the heroine in her heels. Maybe Mr Obama won’t be doing much come November and he might like to follow the slightly more Right-wing Paul Robeson to Hollywood?

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