Banning E- Numbers

So, errr, banning them wouldn\’t in fact have any effect then?

However, it admits any ban would need to be agreed at a Europe-wide level and until then any ban within the UK would have to be on a voluntary basis.

Because it wouldn\’t be possible to ban the import from other EU countries of products which do contain them?

So, in fact, purchasers will still need to read the labels of what they buy……just as they do at present if they don\’t want their darling little snot noses to eat them.

Excellent, a ban with no effect!

1 thought on “Banning E- Numbers”

  1. No Tim, that’s what happens when you can’t raise import tariffs. Its not peculiar to the EU.

    Not being able to ban things being imported without international consent is a consequence of international free trade.

    I’m not saying that on balance, free trade isn’t a good thing, only that there are downsides and demerits to free trade.

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