Biggest Willy Competition

Yes, we have an outbreak of willy waving!

Who in the British political blogosphere has the biggest!

Yes, I do says Guido!

But mine is better says Iain!

And mine more sweary says the DK!

And mine more perfectly formed says Tim Ireland!

(As boring technical background you need to understand the difference between pageviews, unique visitors and absolute unique visitors. The first is someone viewing a page. Someone might view many, or refresh to see the comments, or come back later in the day to see who has responded wittily to the "Lol, pwnd!"  they left as a critique of the Schleswig Holstein Question\’s exegesis which was so painfully put together by the blogger. The second is one person or computer coming by in a day, no matter how may times they do so in a day. The third is that same one person one computer in a month, no matter how many times they do so. OK?)

From the general discussion it seems that absolute uniques is preferred as a measure of reach: how many people are you getting the message to, rather than how many people do you have as the regular reading crowd?

Iain\’s got something a little north of 50k absolute uniques.

My Google Analytics numbers for the month of March: 

214,315 people visited this site 219,306 Visits 214,315 Absolute Unique Visitors 246,655 Pageviews 1.12 Average Pageviews 00:00:15 Time on Site 90.80% Bounce Rate 96.33% New Visits

Over 200,000 absolute uniques! Yes, it\’s true! Timmy has the biggest willy!

That this is on a site dedicated to celebrity fluff, that almost none of the visitors ever come back again, nor stay long enough to even read a post means nothing, nothing at all. (ie, it ain\’t this site, it\’s the old one.)

Middle Aged Priapism Rocks!

9 thoughts on “Biggest Willy Competition”

  1. Makes perfect sense – Dale and Guido are big fishes in a small pond. you ‘tabloid’ site hits a much bigger pond.

    Its the same as those occasions I get linked by Ben Goldacre. A link from Bad Science generates about 2-3 times as many click-through than a link from any other UK-based political blogger simply because Ben has a much larger US audience.

  2. If you are relying on the likes of Google Analytics for these measurements, could the widespread use of the NoScript plugin bobbittise your website?

  3. Surely regular readers is a far more important criteria. It means that you actually have an audience.

    What worries me here Tim is that you seem to have more than one Willy. A large one that gets a round a lot and a smaller one that is more faithful to its partners.

    Tim adds: Diphallus, eh? Have to admit, not noticed before….

  4. Shazza Morgan from Crokky

    Timmy I cant belive how large your manhood is. I am gagging for some of the Tim-ster. WOW TIM, WOW

  5. Eddie Douglas Naseby Road

    Hi Timmy would still like to meet up and compare our willies please e-mail me would like to see a straight one as mine is bent on a right angle.

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