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6 thoughts on “Brilliant!”

  1. Awesome. Also: no need to bash it just cause you don’t get it, just click that stumble button again.

  2. the Schroedinger effect: the higher the per capita population density of physicists in a particular town, the lower the per capita cats to humans ratio. I’d love to test that hypothesis some day… especially if you consider the need for an increased sample size.

  3. i get it but i don’t think its that funny. well, i guess i think its a little funny but it doesn’t even make logical sense because the shroedinger cat concept is about NOT knowing if the cat is alive/dead so increasing it would just mean we didn’t know if BOTH cats were alive or dead, it doesn’t increase the accuracy at all..

    that said, its a clever/cute idea and i guess i like the picture even though it doesn’t really equate to being a box that could release cyanide and kill a cat.

    well regardless 7/10 and thats pretty decent i suppose. i stumble a lot and the average is 5!

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