British Legion

Yes, they\’re advertisers here (although only people reading from the UK will see them). Worth plugging their campaign more directly as well:

Inquests can be very confusing for the families of Service personnel, particularly for those without knowledge of the legal system or the military. Solicitors can be expensive and funding is only available in “exceptional cases” where the family is financially eligible. The power to grant public funding for representation at inquest lies with the Lord Chancellor. Interestingly, all cases where someone has died in prison, in police custody or detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 are automatically classed as “exceptional cases” and the need to meet the financial eligibility criteria can be waived. However, Service families need to apply to the Lord Chancellor fortheir case to be classed as “exceptional” and they must meet the financial criteria. We are demanding that all Service families should be provided with legal advice, representation and advocacy during inquests at public expense.

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