This lorries thing:

Thousands more foreign lorries will be attracted to Britain\’s roads by a European plan to give them freedom to compete with domestic hauliers.

Supermarket chains that use British lorries to transport goods between depots and stores are among the businesses that will be able to cut costs by using foreign companies.

Being able to ply for trade in this manner is called cabotage. I have to admit I thought this had all been dealth with years ago. Just another part of the free movement of services.

8 thoughts on “Cabotage”

  1. I like the way the protectionist eejits have fallen back on “ooh, but those filthy foreigners are so dangerous” gibbering: at least it implies that the “please save the poor hard-done-by British truckers we all know and love” rhetoric has failed.

  2. It will be more dangerous, since the foreigners will have to drive on the wrong side of the road in left hand drive vehicles.

    They will still have to pay UK taxes for providing UK services.

    The margins in truck driving/logistics are so tiny that it won’t happen to any great extent unless a foreign company attempts to buy market share by transporting below cost and tries to bankrupt British firms in so doing.

    Then the fireworks will start…

  3. [also – you’d never guess from the Times report that, in crash mentioned at the end, the British minibus driver who hit the back of the Polish truck was stoned. Anyone want to bet how that story would’ve been reported in the absence of a Terror Foreign Driver to demonise…?]

  4. “They will still have to pay UK taxes for providing UK services.”

    Really, so they will have to fill up their tanks with Deisel in the UK will they?


  5. “Really, so they will have to fill up their tanks with Deisel in the UK will they?”

    If they’re transporting goods within the UK, then where else are they going to get refueled? Besides which, is it their fault that our diesel is so heavily taxed despite the fact that we produce it?

  6. Well, at least the foreign lorry (that’s a truck, right?) drivers in the UK will not be Mexicans. Not a lot of them anyway.

  7. @ Mike – in the context of the UK media compared to the US media, Poles count as Mexicans for economic scare-stories, while South Asians count as Mexicans for political/demographic scare-stories.

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