Celebrating Britishness

Aren\’t we suppoed to be celebrating it? The things which historically have bound us together?

give an airing to Britain\’s vibrant tradition of racism.

Or isn\’t that what Maddy means*?


*Working out what Maddy actually does mean is a task too complex for me, apologies.

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Britishness”

  1. Just what is it with that hefty swart of British Left wing intellects (pseudo, you may argue) and the unique way they hate their own country? When did this tradition start?

  2. Walter, I believe George Orwell drew attention to it, so at least the 1930s.

    Transferred nationalism: they were highly patriotic about the USSR.

  3. To be fair, if you compare the number of homes for asylum seekers and refugees that get burned down in France or Germany with what goes on here, we are absolute choirboys.

  4. Britishness is like a scab we can’t stop scratching

    A scab which she then proceeds to give a rough going-over (it certainly ain’t pretty) to the tune of 1200 words. Maddy, just fuck off, please.

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