Despite Where the Idea Comes From

This might in fact not be all that bad an idea.

Silvio Berlusconi\’s wife added her voice yesterday to the growing calls for Italy to be partitioned.

It\’s only been a united country for what, 140 years or so? Is there anything about the current system of internal borders, the current situation of the world, which has to be kept for all time?

Maybe Garibaldi was wrong and the Risorgimento was itself a bad idea?

1 thought on “Despite Where the Idea Comes From”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The obvious driver of larger European states was large European states. That is, the larger historic states like France drove confederations and collections of smaller states, notably Germany, to unify. It was a case of being part of a greater Italy or being part of a greater France.

    It is obvious that the American hegemony over Europe means that the threat of incorporation into France no longer exists. Indeed the European Union makes independence for minnows rather attractive in so far as the EU itself is not the problem. So why would anyone put up with two distant, corrupt, incompetent parasitic bureaucracies when they can split from the Italian state and just have Brussels instead of Brussels *and* Rome?

    I think there is a solid logic to the idea. Indeed I am forming the Anjou Liberation Front – our platform is simple: independence from the Imperialist colonial French state, adoption of the Rightful Royal family (ie the Windsors if the Bavarian Royals are busy) as Head of State, an immediate application for membership of the Commonwealth and a negotiation with the EU to join on the same terms as Iceland.

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