So Brown is likely to ignore the advice and reclassify cannabis. Fool, but then we knew that. This rather surprises though.

The experts heard evidence that 85% of what is available on the streets is herbal cannabis – two to three times stronger than the previously ubiquitous imported Moroccan cannabis resin.

I\’m a couple of decades away from my brief flirtation with such things but herbal cannabis stronger than resin? Some mistake there, surely?

5 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. If the strength of smell lingering on people’s clothes is anything to go by, the modern herbal is definitely stronger.

  2. Yeah modern skunk is stronger than just about any resin available 20 years ago or now. On the other hand there was an odd batch of thai (grass) around 20 years ago that was just as strong!

  3. Of course, as Tim has observed on many occassions, the fact that there are strong varieties of dope is about as worrying as the fact that alcohol is found in beer and in spirits.

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