Explaining Hillary Clinton

You know, he might just be right here.

All of her supporters who are currently whining about sexism- and I\’m looking at you, fellow non-American voter Elton John – should perhaps consider the possibility that she\’s perceived as a quasi-Republican android with a huge, throbbing boner for power because, you know, she is one.

4 thoughts on “Explaining Hillary Clinton”

  1. That rant was just another example of evidence that EJ is slowly losing it. Methinks all the drugs he shoved up various parts of his body are seeking their revenge.

  2. It would be a wonderful joke at the expense of Feminism if the first female US Pres were just the wifie of a previous male US Pres.

  3. All true except the “quasi-Republican” part. Just being slightly to Obama’s right is not enough to gain admission to the VRWC.

  4. After the Sarkozy visit to London, I have thrown by full support behind the Clinton campaign. The Ex-President fitting the Leader of the French with horns on a state visit is just too much comedy to be worried about the country going to hell in a hand basket. Watching Hillary and Nicolas take turns at the podium explaining the US and French position on NATO expansion with Carla – flushed- and Bill – grinning – in the background is too appealing to worry about the country collapsing in an orgy of healthcare collectivism.

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