Gayers in the Westminster Village

From Ian Dale\’s survey of sexuality in politics:

All this does seem to prove that political parties do attract more gay people, proportionately, than other areas of society. This is especially true among activists, I think. One or two people in previous threads have had a go at explaining this phenomenon, but I don\’ think any of them have done so very successfully.

Easy peasy.

Politics is showbusiness for ugly people. Showbusiness has a similarly high rate of gayers.

All that\’s left is to work out whether Iain actually tried on the stage or had enough self-knowledge to know that politics it was going to have to be.



3 thoughts on “Gayers in the Westminster Village”

  1. I thought because you have to be a kiss-arse to climb the greasy-pole being gay gives you a natural advantage;)

  2. Effing & blinding

    I would have thought one of the reasons is the relative absence of kids, something which otherwise dissuades a lot of heteros from entering what must be one of the most family unfriendly of occupations. Travel, lack of privacy, 24/7 availability, publicity etc.

    I know – gay people do have kids but I would think not in nearly the numbers of us breeders.

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