Gordon\’s Expenses

So, is this the smoking gun, the reason that the Speaker didn\’t want to release these expense claims?

Gordon Brown claimed more than £18,000 in 2005-06 for a mortgage-free London flat, including £4,981 for cleaning, £2,385 for food and provisions, £815 for utilities and £900 for council tax.

This would be this flat:

Gordon Brown gave his £700,000 flat in central London to his wife Sarah weeks before he moved into 10 Downing Street, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

But the thing is, wasn\’t he actually living in the flat over 10 Downing Street (the Blairs living in the larger one over 11)?

Or is this all a storm in a tea cup?


2 thoughts on “Gordon\’s Expenses”

  1. I did wonder if our Subprime Minster’s wife paid stamp duty of 4% on that transfer. I think not, since the regulations on SDLT and gifts were tweaked for FY 2006/7.

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “tax planning.”

  2. Is there actually anything, except whores, that these fucks actually have to pay for out of their wages?

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