Gordon\’s Expenses


Since 2003, the Prime Minister also claimed money for his utility bills and extensive renovations at his Westminster flat, including the building of a nursery.

So that is what people have been rumouring about. While living in Downing Street that flat that he gifted to Sarah was spruced up on his expenses.


Now, is that flat out on the rental market?

3 thoughts on “Gordon\’s Expenses”

  1. “Now, is that flat out on the rental market?”

    Oh the delicious irony of Mr. Brown getting investigated from HMRC for “being a landlord” as so many recent MSM articles breathlessly put it.

    BobB will be along shortly to provide the links. Incidentally, where is Bob? Haven’t seen him post recently? Is this the 21st Century equivalent of him not taking his milk in?

  2. That’s true. Where is Bob?

    On Tim’s post:

    Whilst this sort of thing (if true) upsets me, I struggle to get really angry about the things that don’t surprise me. The system allows this sort of shenanigans and so we should expect self-interested people to perform them. The problem isn’t with the politicians, it’s the rules that restrict them. I don’t mean to excuse them, rather I think they’ll always be a rum lot and so it’s crucial we confine them properly rather than rely upon their community spirit.

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