Highly Progressive

Is Sir Salman:

"It\’s strange, given that I\’ve been married four times, but I actually don\’t think marriage is necessary," Sir Salman told the writer Kathy Lette in an interview for Elle magazine. "Girls like it, especially if they\’ve never been married before – it\’s the dress. Girls want a wedding, they don\’t want a marriage. If only you could have weddings without marriages."

2 thoughts on “Highly Progressive”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I would question Sir Salman’s definitions of marriage and wedding.

    OK. We all know what a wedding is. But a marriage takes two. Being married four times suggests very strongly that the women he marries do not want, and will not put up with, what *he* calls a marriage. Perhaps if they were married to someone else, someone with a less over blown self of his own importance and self worth (and who knows? perhaps some literary talent as well), they would have been content.

    Or of course he just marries shallow idiots.

    Either way I don’t see how his utter failure to be a decent husband says much about the rest of the world.

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