Organisers of the 2012 London Olympics have block-booked 1,925 rooms in some of the capital’s most exclusive hotels for international delegates and their spouses at a cost of £10m.

Top officials have been allocated 345 suites costing up to £3,000 a night at six Park Lane hotels including the Dorchester, the Hilton and Grosvenor House. Half the bill will come out of the coffers of London 2012, the Games organiser, in the most expensive block booking in Olympic history.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) indicated this weekend that it was surprised at London’s largesse. At the Beijing Games this summer officials will stay in only two five-star hotels, with some residing in cheaper accommodation.

The officials in London will be given the use of a fleet of 3,145 chauffeur-driven cars, despite the promise of a “green Games”. The route to the Olympic park will be cleared of traffic so they can glide to their destination in east London in about 20 minutes.

That is money well spent, don\’t you think?

5 thoughts on “How Wonderful”

  1. Not only that, any one of the proles who stray into the special lanes created for said limos to glide will be liable to a £5000 fine.


    I would think this will backfire. The fine is so great that I suspect anyone getting it would say – “sod it, I may as well contest in court” and it would a) block the courts and b) prompt the EUdenrat in Westminster to waive the right to a court appearance.

  2. “The route to the Olympic park will be cleared of traffic so they can glide to their destination in east London in about 20 minutes.” Which law allows that?

  3. Zil limosine lanes, central planning and control…
    Where have I heard that before?
    “All animals are equal, some are more equal than others”
    As my late grandfather said, “the peoples flag is turning pink, it’s not as red as some folk think”
    Ken will fit right in.

  4. further…maybe the following explains their plans for State education: “let them know just enough to understand our highway signs, so that they won’t get themselves run over by our (Olympic) vehicles!”

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    If I am in London for the Olympics and they try to impose those lanes, I am going to go and lie down in them in protest.

    Let them fine me. I’ll decline to pay. I’d rather do the jail time. If they insist on payment, I’d still rather pay than obey their stupid laws. They are my roads – and those officials can fuck off.

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