It Ain\’t How Much You Spend

The best performing schools in the country are receiving up to £1,800 per pupil less than their neighbours, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Nope, it\’s obviously the way that you spend it.

"Some of the schools into which big money is being poured are the 638 secondaries with poor results that Mr Brown is threatening to close. What rational system knocks hell out of successful schools and pumps inordinate amounts into schools that the Government itself regards as failing?"

It\’s called reinforcing failure, a tendency of government programs everywhere.

4 thoughts on “It Ain\’t How Much You Spend”

  1. How can anyone be surprised by this? Inner-city kids come from homes that are financially rewarded for not working and go to schools that are rewarded for failing. During A-levels the students are now paid to attend school, the amount having no relationship to performance or attentiveness. Can somebody tell me how they are supposed to understand the relationship between achievement and reward if the government does its best to provide counter-examples all around them.

  2. Linking achievement and reward is elitism, which everyone knows is a Bad Thing. Even worse, it’s also middle class.

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