Lindsay Lohan

I came across the same phenomenon when researching an article on Sienna Miller: the 18th-century idea that young actresses are little different to common prostitutes is alive and thriving through 21st-century technology.

Umm, no, not quite. There is indeed a certain level of young actresses who are so thought of but they are referred to more often as a MAW (Model, Actress, Whatever). The W part being the clue. Ashley Dupree being an example, although the lower levels of B movies and so on are full of this sort of personnel.

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  1. “she even neglects to put on basic underwear, not a wise move when you spend your life clambering out of cars in front of photographers.

    “An explicit video of Lohan and Calum Best was posted on the web, and yet the reaction on the gossip sites to this intrusion is one of cynicism rather than sympathy.”

    If the first paragraph is true, why is the second paragraph a surprise?

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