Michael Tomasky

This is doing the rounds, the idea that a contestant on American Idol got voted off because she sang "Jesus Christ, Superstar", and that this violated the South\’s deep and traditional religious sense.



…how southern culture and mores dominate American politics.

We were told that the South would rise again, weren\’t we?

4 thoughts on “Michael Tomasky”

  1. I love those ol’ Southern songs:-

    “So I stuck my finger up the woodpecker’s hole
    And the woodpecker cried ‘God bless my soul’……

  2. For my shame I watch American Idol – Canadian Idol as well, the latter is much better by the way.

    The reason she got voted off was that they all sang shite – only she was worse than the rest of them!

    Her Irish ancestry – and accent, didn’t save her – she was the better singer over the series – what you are left with is the worst of the worst – a bit like the Conservative party with David Cameron.

  3. 3 Reasons Carly got Voted Off

    1) America also has huge faith in the church of Andrew Lloyd Weber. That faith has two sacraments: Cats and Phantom of the Opera.
    2) Looks count. Carly’s horrorifying tattoos and Wal-Mart clothing tastes didn’t help.
    3) Carly is an amazing singer, but she tends towards being Ethel-Mermanesque. She got worse on that count as time passed.

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