A controversial plan to increase pay rates for prisoners while ministers are being deluged by the row over the 10p tax rate abolition was scrapped yesterday on the direct orders of Gordon Brown.

The Prime Minister intervened to overrule the Prison Service Management Board after learning that it had given the go-ahead to increasing the minimum pay rate for an employed offender from £4 a week to £5.50.

Why bloody bother to have a dog if you\’re going to bark yourself?

5 thoughts on “Micro-Management”

  1. See also: the cannabis stuff.

    I kind of feel sorry for Brown on these, having to take decisions which are obviously wrong for fear of the idiocy of the general public. It’s why I’d never go into politics…

  2. You mean, the fact that ‘Give the prisoners more pocket money’ isn’t exactly a vote winner didn’t decide it for you right there…?

  3. I enjoyed your implication, Tim, that Gordon is barking. Then it occurred to me; was your yarn the other day The Parable of the Wounded Brown, a poor wee mutt left at the roadside, abandoned to die a lingering death? But then I thought, no, Tim would just have pissed on him.

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