My Noble Lord Brittain

Today the Bill ratifying the Lisbon treaty comes before the House of Lords, having comfortably surmounted all its hurdles in the Commons.

The Lords will have to consider whether to approve the treaty and whether to support the demand for a referendum before it can be ratified. The two issues are separate, although closely related, because most of those demanding a referendum have no great enthusiasm for referendums as such, but are opposed to the treaty and hope that a referendum would scupper it.

The first and main question for the Lords is whether the treaty is good for the UK and for the EU as a whole. I would give an unhesitating affirmative answer to both.

Well, of course, you would say that, wouldn\’t you?

You are in receipt of a substantial annual pension, the continuing receipt of which requires that you act in the best interests of the European Union. As perceived by the European Commission, naturally.

3 thoughts on “My Noble Lord Brittain”

  1. Why are they not required to declare an interest when such things as this arise? First line should read ” I am in receipt of a huge pension paid for by you, the taxpayer, granted by a non democratic,tyranical and corrupt group of non acccountable beaurocrats who I fully support”.
    He could then add “I hereby resign as being unfit for my position” to loud, well almost, applause.

    Tim adds: Lord Pearson of Rannoch (a UKIP member and thus one of the good guys) has been trying to get this to happen: that those in receipt of an EU pension should have to declare such as an interest when speaking in the Lords. Been slapped down though.

  2. Today’s trivia question:

    Who said that “Referendums are the refuge of dictators and demagogues”?

    Was it:

    a) David Milliband
    b) Margaret Thatcher
    c) Clement Atlee
    d) All of the above?

    So is it the fault of the EU that Britons cannot vote on this, or any other single issue, but must hope that the party machine politician that they voted for has any conscience left?


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