Neil Harding….Yes Laddie

There has never been a better time to pour investment into housing and rescue the construction workers that are being laid off as private sector housebuilding is reduced. Only government can kick start this sector and save us all from a recession and housing problem.

So as house prices fall Neil\’s solution is to build more of them, increasing supply and thus driving prices lower again.

Well done lad, well thought out.

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  1. Perhaps he thinks the problem is the workers that will be put out of business and not the genereal problems that will happen with all the defaulted loans.

  2. “Tim, does it really makes economic sense to have construction workers lying idle while there is a shortage of housing?”

    Sector 7 is enjoying a surplus of construction workers, and they shall be deployed to Sector 4 where the Five Year Plan for Eco Towns is experiencing an unplanned deficit. In other news, the chocolate ration has been increased.

  3. The problem is as Neil says “Labour are promising to build 3m homes”. If the Labour Party are going to build them how will this help the unemployed construction workers? 😉

  4. There are many reasons to oppose the de facto nationalising of the house building industry but I don’t think that the threat of reducing prices is one of them.

    First of low prices are a good thing in general, and secondly given the time scale of building a house, by the time any increase in supply is apparent, we will be at a different stage of the economic cycle and prices may have started booming again.

  5. This is anecdotal and I can’t be bothered to hunt down any stats.

    A good friend works in the construction industry as a design manager. He complains regularly about skills short being caused by the Olympics. There are also concerns that the numbers of people needed to carry out the Olympic build will ratchet up salaries and hence the cost of other projects.

    Perhaps we need this housing slow down to protect other areas of the industry?

  6. Jees that bottom feeder still remembering to breathe. Shame.

    Neil if you want to improve the world, just go and kill yourself. Now. Don’t think I’m joking either. I guarantee the world and this country would be a better place without you.

  7. “Tim, does it really makes economic sense to have construction workers lying idle while there is a shortage of housing?”

    Nope, it doesn’t; so where’s your evidence that either thing is happening?

  8. Following on from The Great Simpleton, I was going to comment along the same lines. This housing “slump” might provide some slack for the olympics which would otherwise have to suck in thousands of migrant workers. Is this part of Nu Labour’s joined up thinking?

  9. What a bloody arse that man is. It should be “construction workers WHO are being laid off”. At least for those of us who view construction workers as human.

  10. I detest the involvement of local and national governments in housing. They “rejuvenated” a load of the old inner city terraces by forcing the owners to sell cheap, tarted the properties up, and then put them on the market at a price the original occupants could never afford.

    If there is money for housing it should go into enhancing the existing housing stock through improvement grants to homeowners. The low cost housing sector is where the starter homes are, and the first time buyers are the engine that drives the whole shooting match. We could add value by investing in damp-proofing, insulation, double glazing, electrical upgrades. It would give wavering prospective buyers an incentive.

  11. If you want to not obtruct housebuilding, enable individuals to buy plots and build on them as they see fit.

    Right now we just get a greasy collusion between local authorities, “developers” and “housebuilders”.

    Housebuilders should get work if a person wants their home built. That is about as far as it should go. State? Butt out.

  12. Roger just split an infinitive, but if part of the Libertarian Party manifesto is to get rid of planning laws, then that is A Good Thing. What’s the difference between a planned socialist economy and NIMBYism. It’s the same thing, really.

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