No, It Wasn\’t Me

I hear a rumour that after the ASI do on Wednesday that someone or other had their breakfast bought by Plod.

I also hear that it was rumoured to be myself, as I didn\’t blog that day.

Nice story, except I was on a train to Exeter in the morning and a flight to Portugal in the afternoon, which is why I didn\’t blog.

But who is it who can tell us what Her Majesty provides for breakfast?

6 thoughts on “No, It Wasn\’t Me”

  1. I was once given the choice of a night spent sleeping in the police cells or on the floor of the Magistrates’ Court. I chose the latter on the grounds that the opportunity might not recur.

  2. An ASI “Do” eh?
    You really should take a leaf out of Guido’s book and put up some pictures of totty in attendance.
    It would liven up this blog no end and might even encourage the rest of us to turn up next time.

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