No, Really,

It is important that we remain in the EU.


How would we finance corruption if we left?

3 thoughts on “No, Really,”

  1. There appears to be no appetite to tackle fraud unless a crisis is provoked. And Mr Brown is not going to provoke a crisis in the EU.

    Somebody else must do it.

  2. First job for an incoming Conservative government with respect to EU.

    Refuse to pay any money until the accounts are signed off.

    Would give a huge leverage.

    Will they do it? Unfortunately I don’t think so. Would be very popular though.

  3. It would give no leverage – the reason for not signing the accounts is that the underlying expenditure is mainly by the governments, and their accounts are not signed off. One of the worst offenders is the UK government.

    When are the important spending departments of our government going to get a clean audit report [and that is even at the moment when the do not account under normal accounting standards].

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