Not Everything Gets Worse You Know

Despite my gloom and regular jeremiads, it is true that life and society, in oh so many ways, do get better over time.

(I was one of those surveyed, by the way. YouGov, here’s a hint for free – we have civil partnerships now, we can’t get sacked for being gay, heck, we can even serve in the army, so you really don’t need to preface the question with “Some people might think the following questions to be of a personal nature”. We’re grown-ups, and we can cope with you just asking which team we bat for).

Only just over 50 years ago….

3 thoughts on “Not Everything Gets Worse You Know”

  1. The committee membership seems more impressive to me than the sort of twerps that our present government would appoint.

  2. It used to be the love that dare not speak its name; now it’s the love that won’t fucking shut up.

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