Not Quite Right

Walking the dogs this morning, saw a bloke at the containers for recycling items. He\’d taken his car with him, carrying what seemed to be two or three supermarket bags of stuff. As  he was sorting through the bags, putting each item into the correct slot, I couldn\’t help noting that he\’d left his engine running while he did so.

Not that I\’m all that into recycling, as you know, but if you are into it enough to do it, that motor running rather defeats the whole object, doesn\’t it?

5 thoughts on “Not Quite Right”

  1. What’s the motive for each? Turning the engine off saves you a minimal amount of money and stops some carbon emmissions. But a lot of people recycle for other environmental reasons, most people dislike large landfills and similar, even those that think climate change is a myth, etc.

    Some of the wealthiest areas with the biggest “gas guzzling” cars are also frequently the ones with the best takeup of recycling, both are “for the environment” but not everyone cares about each individual green issue, etc etc.

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