Not The Most Surprising of Findings

A cuddle from mother is a natural painkiller for babies, according to a new report.

Premature newborns suffered less if they experienced skin-to-skin contact with their mother as they underwent a painful medical procedure, their study found.

A cuddle also appeared to help babies recover from pain more quickly.

Anyone else entirely unsurprised by this?

One thing it might lead to though is something of an explanation for why things like Reiki massage and so on do inded work in reducing pain. The theory that these Woo Woo things are based on is of course entirely Woo Woo, except for the fact that someone is paying attention, taking time with the patient and that skin on skin contact. We\’re primed to like all three of thoe things, even if supported by mumbo jumbo.

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  1. Reiki is often non-contact. I’ve undergone it several times. It is astoundingly relaxing. As far as I could tell I was being placed into a state of hypnosis. I knew, logically, that I could move at any time, but in practise I was virtually paralysed. It felt like dreaming you were asleep. Time plays tricks too; an hour-long session feels like a few minutes. Reiki works very well after a session of vigorous deep tissue massage. Of course the ‘life energy’ thing is cobblers, but it definitely seems to work, at least from my anecdotal experience. Most people like a good foot rub too, but connecting your big toe to your liver like reflexology does is nonsense.

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