Not What I Expected

Seeing this story:

The founder of a website which sold sperm to lesbians who wanted children has been jailed for 16 months for fraud and forgery.

I thought, Aha! He\’s been doing what that American doctor used to do. When asked for a sample to impregnate a woman he would run through the catalogue, agree, yes, yes, this blonde 6\’4\’\’ Aryan type would be just right for you, right, I\’ll just go and get it for you. He would then return a few minutes later from the store room slightly flushed and red faced with a more personal sample which was then used.

Lot\’s of to be 5\’5\’\’ frogfaced (for the Good Doctor was not blessed in the looks department) children were thus produced.

But, sadly, no, the story turns on simple accountancy.

American scandals can be so much more fun…

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