Oh, How True

Satire doth uncover the deeper realities:

*In fact, Polly has many admirers, not least of all a certain Tim Worstall who manages to blog about her at least once a day in between the rest of his anti-woman commentary, the pig! It is an open secret in the blogosphere that Tim (who is not very brght) is madly in love with clever Polly but unfortunately his hatred of all that is female causes his love to manifest in a deranged and twisted form.

2 thoughts on “Oh, How True”

  1. “For goodness sake, I’ll say it once and once only….


    imagine if this was my only impression of the english
    thankfully, i have tim to balanace out my impression of the english as a whole

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Deranged? Twisted? What is wrong with wanting to spank your women from time to time? Come on people, this is the 21st Century, not the Dark Ages. Time to put those nasty old prejudices away.

    Do I dare to say it would do Polly some good?

    No. Don’t think so really. On the other hand the Guardian does have Agnes P who is a much more appealling candidate on so many levels.

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