Oh Noes!

Corruption in the EU?

Battersby uncovered evidence that the agency’s former director, Hamed Sow, who is now the energy minister of the west African country of Mali, approved the award of lucrative European Union contracts to a company in which he had a financial interest.

Sow is alleged to have arranged for the CDE to back a loan of nearly £3m to a textile company in Mali, without disclosing that he owned up to 20% of the company and was receiving payments from the firm.

Who would have thought it?

Whistleblowers fired for revealing corruption in the EU?

A British whistleblower who exposed alleged corruption at a European aid agency faces the sack after he told EU fraud investigators that his boss was involved in the scam.

Gosh, that\’s a surprise.

What we really ought to say to the European Union.


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