Penalised for Obeying the Law

This is something that\’s not often noted with all of these cries to hit hard at those who drive people carriers and the like:

"Many families have three or four children, and they need the space to fit child seats the Government insists on."

If you\’ve got more than two kids, you rather need to have a large car so as to get the mandatory seats into it.

5 thoughts on “Penalised for Obeying the Law”

  1. Why do they need to park?

    Why not just stop, shove the kids out, and move off again?

    Or is that banned too?

  2. Up to a point, Lord Copper.

    The big step is not two to three, it’s three to four.

    You can happily get three child seats across the back of a VW Passat estate. That’s not a small car, but it’s certainly not a large one.

    Four kids, however, and you HAVE to have a third row of seats if you are travelling en famille, two parents, four kids. that means some ghastly form of people carrier or somesuch.

  3. Of course it isn’t banned; Christ knows why they don’t just do that…

    [come to that, they don’t *need* to be driving in the first place, and it would be better for the kids if they weren’t.]

  4. No explanation, of course, as to why a charge allegedly for ‘congestion’ is higher for a small but high-emission car than for a large hybrid.

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