The issue is not biofuels or no biofuels, but the right biofuels. Europe\’s governments have signed a commitment ensuring that 10% of the petrol in Europe\’s vehicles in 2020 is made from renewable transport fuels, including biofuels. This will make an important contribution to the EU\’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote security of energy supply. But there is an obvious caveat: biofuels must be an environmental policy in pursuit of an environmental outcome – the most sustainable policy is the only right policy. That is the basis of the European commission\’s January proposals.

A sustainable policy means weighing every expansion of biofuel production against the impact on the crops it displaces or the land-use patterns it changes. Biofuels are no panacea; they have their own environmental costs. Clearing rainforest to grow energy crops would obviously be self-defeating.

Yes, very good Petey boy.

It\’s called a cost benefit analysis.

So why in fuck didn\’t you do one before you made the committment?


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  1. I do not see why government cannot be trusted with creating “sustainable policy.” Look at their record of accomplishment.

    Remember those sad days when supply and demand were properly balanced and recycling aluminum resulted in a benefit for all involved? The consumer was paid to return used cans. The recycler was paid for collecting used cans. The manufacturer had a cheaper source of material and happily paid the recycler for providing said material.

    Obviously, this problem needed to be corrected. Thankfully, the government was there to do the correcting. The solution was for the government to tax the consumer for curbside recycling. Those taxes are turned over to a private firm (or government run fleet) to do all the work.

    The answer to any biofuel problem should obviously be along the same track. Remove the profit motive and replace it with a system of tax funded subsidies and controls.

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