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There\’s an argument used here in the UK, that not enough people vote. That something should be done to raise the turnout.

"The country has strongly emphasised its belief in democracy and its institutions. More than 80 per cent of citizens voted."

That result would of course please those who worry about such things.

  • Projections showed that Mr Berlusconi\’s coalition won 163 seats in the Senate, compared to 141 seats for Mr Veltroni.
  • In Italy\’s lower house, the Chamber of Deputies, the count was 332 seats to 215.
  • The perma-tanned billionaire said he was "deeply satisfied" with the result.

Great, so all we need now is for Rupert Murdoch to take out citizenship and run. That\’ll get the voting numbers up then!

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  1. I’m not sure that electing a crooked billionaire who controls the media really counts as “coming to their senses”, although electing fewer Communists is a good thing.

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